Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ohh the options to make money these days... but there's a catch?

In my researching and studying today, it became even more apparent of the many ways there are to make money out there right now. Whether you are in the flip side of the real estate market, or trading options & other creative, complex strategies on the stock market; or simply running your own small business of services or products (My favorite being online marketing or anything that has the potential to create residual income). Though the variety is there - like a kid in elementary school getting his option to choose his first instrument to learn playing (Mine was the saxophone; didn't go so well) - it still comes down to that four letter acronym that applies to any gauge of success for these different ventures. That would be the acronym of T.I.M.E. No matter how cool it may sound to be an expert in any of these areas of business, if you don't put in the TIME to master your craft - you're fooling yourself, if you don't INVEST in your self and others - you will eventually hit a dead end, if you are not MOTIVATED - well, that's self explanatory & last but certainly not least... if you don't have the proper EDUCATION/KNOWLEDGE - you will find yourself doing a lot of spinning your wheels, working hard not smart & wasting a lot of valuable time and money; something all of us are trying to get more of. So as you read this, remember to follow your passion but be realistic about the goal. After all, I can want great success all I want - but am I willing to work for it? So, my opportunistic entrepreneur seeking financial success... don't forget to count the cost!
Til next time, love & knowledge to all.

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